Parabens are chemicals that are added to skin care products as a preservative. You will often find parabens added to beauty products as a way of extending their shelf life.


Sounds like a good thing, right? Except parabens can disrupt your hormone functions by mimicking oestrogen. When your body has too much oestrogen, there is an increase in breast cell divisions, leading to tumor growth. As a consequence, parabens have been linked to reproductive issues as well as breast cancer.

Blemishes/hyperpigmentation occurs when there is an increased production of melanin.


Our facial exfoliation and Moisturizer is the perfect skincare duo to help you reduce the appearance of blemishes. Our facial scrub has Aloe Vera, and a high concentration of natural vitamin C derived from berries to help diminish hyperpigmentation and balance your skin’s texture. The potent source of antioxidants slows the process of free-radicals, preventing further damage to the skin, reducing the increased production of melanin.

Exfoliating is when you remove the dead skin cells from the outer surface of your skin. Your skin naturally sheds dead skin cells, as every cell has a 28-45 day cycle. The build-up of dead skin cells will cause your skin to look dull, dry, and flaky appearance.   Exfoliating your skin will boost skin-cell renewal and assist with promoting the skins’ natural glow.

The production of excessive oil on the skin stems from the sebaceous oil gland that produces sebum.  It is a natural oil that lubricates and protects your skin. If you do not use a proper moisturizer for your skin type, or do not use a moisturizer after cleansing.  The natural oil in your skin will begin to produce rapidly to lubricate and protect your skin from free-radical and environmental elements, which results in your feeling oily.

Absolutely! It is the most important step in your skincare routine. Every day your skin is attacked by free radicals and suffers from environmental bacteria. A Moisturizer serves as a protective barrier from those elements while hydrating, protecting, and prevent your skin from premature aging.